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Welcome to our website

Thanks for visiting our Website.  At ‘James B. Gordon Insurance Broker’ we are committed to the following;

  • To provide ‘Service Excellence’ to our existing & new clients on a consistent & timely basis.
  • To be successful in business, taking a winning combination of services, competitive pricing & professionalism to achieve Service Excellence at all costs. We have these.
  • To enjoy continued growth with our Client base. We must bring the services that you want to have easy access to, plus receive the Financial Plan that best meets your needs today.

We encourage you to look at our site, keeping in mind that it is still in its infancy & will be growing to meet your ‘Financial Services Needs’ today.
** As promised we
now have on-line electronic application programs for the following;
                  I. Manulife Financial - Flexcare &, Follow Me Health
& Dental Plans plus Critical Illness weblinks
                  2. Manulife & Tips Travel Insurance Plans - Weblinks

                  3. Introducing 'Free Financial Plans' for all our
clients  that are based on Financial needs Analysis - Designed specifically
to your financial goals etc.


 (For those services not showing yet on our Website - Please call us for what you need today 1-855-432-7361 & we will be happy to find solutions for your financial planning needs.)

Hope to meet with you soon

James B. Gordon



Association Health and Dental Plan


Flexcare Plan


FollowMe Health Plan


Critical Illness Plan


Travel Plan


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